Welcome to my kingdom!!! This is a site where as a thespian anything goes if you don’t like what your seeing you can get the hell out of here. Im just playing as you can see I got a crazy sense of humor. I can pretty much say im that unpredictable witty, charismatic, intelligent, challenging  and don’t let me forget handsome person. Taye who? Lance what? Morris huh? Those guys don’t have sex appeal. Since you’re here let me brag a little about myself.  Im a actor of such that loves life I love most adventurous and almost anything that is life risky. Call me crazy but hey I love living on the edge. I m a big video game fanatic I treat my auditions like Mortal Kombat. As soon as I walk in that audition room only thing that’s on my mind is “Finish Him”.


Ive been around the block in this entertainment business  worked with the likes of Angela Basset (Notorious), Jeffrey Wright(Boardwalk Empire), And Larenz Tate(Gun Hill) just to name a few the rest you can scroll to that resume tab. Working with these three individuals was a blessing.  From Angela I learned how to take command of a role just owning the character and having that “It” factor on screen. From Jeffrey Wright I learn how to dissect a role break the character down to his movements, speech and little gestures. He taught me a lot just watching from him. Larenz Tate its more of his pose with his role and laid back personality and just how to maneuver on set with working with camera angles. Im in love with this craft. I also want you to be in love with me so go ahead what you waiting for. Go ahead dive in and explore my site and enjoy my beautiful talents!!!